New Yorkers Who Fled to Hudson Valley Are Buying Local Businesses


Andrea Westerlind decided in May that she needed to leave New York City after looters smashed the windows at her apparel and home-items store in Manhattan.

She moved her company’s operations to Millerton, N.Y., buying a two-story retail building for a new shop and purchasing a home nearby in western Massachusetts. With business now thriving, she says she has no plans to move back to the city.

“There’s amazing energy up here, and there are so many young people,” she said. “In six months I will have done more retail sales than I would normally do in a whole year in two locations in the city.”

Small towns within a few hours of New York City became hot destinations last spring and summer for wealthy urbanites. They decamped to their second homes or looked to rent or buy houses with more space than they had in their apartments. Many returned to the city in the late summer when their children’s schools restarted and the coronavirus infection rate dropped.


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