Purchasing these 2 private islands just minutes from Manhattan will cost you $13M


If you’re looking for a secluded area this real estate Opens a New Window. has it all including two private islands and just a short ride to Manhattan.

The Columbia and Pea Islands is on the market for $13 million, according to Sotheby’s International Realty Opens a New Window. . The residence on Columbia Island has four bedrooms and two baths overlooking the Long Island Sound. Nearby Pea Island is just a short paddleboard ride away and comes with nearly 5 acres of land including a beach.

Al Sutton told Bloomberg Opens a New Window. he bought Columbia Island in 2007 for $1 million. Before he bought it, the island was the site of a bunker used for the base of a broadcast tower.

From there he went on a journey to transform the island into a private home. He told the media outlet he spent 11 years and $8 million on the renovation project that was designed to be self-sustaining and hurricane-proof.

Sutton said he bought Pea Island when it went up for sale for $500,000. “One, I thought it would be good protection, because this way you wouldn’t have a hostile neighbor, and two, then it also occurred to me that it had other value in itself as a natural resort type of thing,” Sutton explained about the purchase.

Despite almost finishing the project, Sutton decided that instead of moving in he would sell.

“I’m 85 now and I guess when I bought it, I was in my 70s and I was more ambitious,” he explained to Bloomberg.

He said it was about a half-hour ride from the island to the East 34th Street heliport in New York City. He felt the property would appeal to somebody looking for privacy but also “high-profile bragging rights.”


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