Letter to Editor: Anti-nature, Anti-human, Anti-science and Anti-society, “Dragon Springs” Revealed in Depth


Disclaimer: The following is a Letter to the Editor which does not necessarily reflect the views of the New York and New Jersey Business Journal.

Recently, according to news from the Russian Interfax News Agency, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office investigated to determine that Falun Gong’s seven NGOs in Russia, including six American organizations and one British organization, were listed as undesirable organizations. Upon a close examination of the list, an eye-catching organization called “Dragon Springs Buddhist Inc” emerged.

What a kind of existence is a company founded in the name of “Buddhist”? After investigation, the reporter discovered that Dragon Springs Buddhist Inc, the US headquarter of Falun Gong based in Town of Deerpark, Orange County, New York, covering an area of 427 acres, has been long building luxury houses and halls in violation of laws, under the banner of building refugee asylums, and even functions as its main location to gather illegal immigrants in the United States.

How was such a huge architectural complex erected? How did it work after construction? Following the clues, unknown “secrets” indeed stay hidden in this Dragon Springs, as a potential hazard for locals:

Pollute environment, destroy natural ecology

According to the US local media exposure, Dragon Springs has been punished many times for illegal expansion, violation of fire protection regulations and illegal sewage discharge. More than 400 residents around Dragon Springs attended a hearing held by the local government, to oppose illegal expansion and environmental damage of Dragon Springs.

Why has Dragon Springs become a defaulting highland and concern of the masses? It turns out that Dragon Springs has discharged sewage for a long term, which directly pollutes the local river. According to a notice from the local environmental protection bureau, the “sewage discharge” on (Dragon Springs) construction site, without necessary sediment control, “exerts an obvious impact on the natural state of Bashir River (wildlife management area)”. From January 23 this year, the environmental protection bureau has increased the penalty for Dragon Springs to 37,500 US dollars per day. Local resident Ketchum also referred to Dragon Springs paying more than 10,000 US dollars in fines due to pollution of the same river.

Expand illegally, turn down supervision

According to Glenn Protsky, an attorney from Town of Deerpark in charge of prosecuting the Dragon Springs, Dragon Springs built an eight-storey wooden architecture without permission, ignored the order to stop construction, and prohibited architectural inspectors to enter the temple. Li Cong, an abbot of Dragon Springs, even confessed to this. After pleading guilty for building architecture of more than four storeys without installing a fire sprinkler system, Dragon Springs Buddhist Inc was fined 7,500 US dollars by the Deerpark court.

However, this kind of arrogance and disregard of law has been around for a long time. In 2014, after Dragon Springs was built arbitrarily for years and denied local authority to inspect its 427-acre compound, Town of Deerpark officially sued Dragon Springs in the US court. At that time, Dragon Springs promised to build in accordance with relevant construction laws in the future, but these agreements should be comprehended in a distorted manner by Falun Gong practitioners, as a piece of “talisman” for themselves. The representative of Dragon Springs stated that according to the court criteria, they can build whatever they want. Since then, Dragon Springs has been repeatedly accused in the Deerpark court for many times due to building without permission, obstructing inspection, and blatantly resisting the construction suspension order, etc.

Temple long closed, to conceal epidemic

News from an overseas release platform shows that since January this year, “Dragon Springs” has purchased a large number of drugs and medical devices in response to the influenza epidemic in the United States; despite the corresponding measures, according to public news reports and sources inside temple, there were still five “Falun Gong” practitioners suspected to have died due to the infection, but instead of notifying in time, the head of Dragon Springs blocked the news. Furthermore, Shen Yun, an intimate group of “Falun Gong”, kicked off its annual tour performance at the end of last year, and many Shen Yun personnel were COVID-19 suspects.

In fact, “Falun Gong” has a long-held belief that as long as they adhere to the “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” of “Falun Gong”, and sincerely recite the “Nine-Character Mantra”, they will not fall prey to the COVID-19, and even if infected, they can recover without treatment. As a result, the external propaganda of practicing “Falun Gong” is exactly self-defeating and goes bankruptcy automatically.

Fabricate “fake news”, lack news stance

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Dragon Springs, the headquarter of Falun Gong, has taken advantage of its media platforms such as New Tang Dynasty TV, Epoch Times and Sound of Hope to fabricate enormous “fake news” and vicious comments, with astounding 60-100 pieces updated on a daily basis, and many of the instructions from Dragon Springs.

Upon a meticulous analysis of the news released by Falun Gong media platform, apparently most of the titles are exaggerated, contents are false, pictures are fake, and even a massive number of so-called “epidemic stories” are fabricated by using sensational techniques. Ironically, even though Falun Gong simultaneously updates rumored news with dozens of languages, it did not draw attention from mainstream media and a majority of the public worldwide, but even dubbed as “the noise of witch” by netizens, to completely block it. The reporter observed that the Epoch Times recently delivered the English version of COVID-19 special issue to nearby residents in order to attract readers, but ended up with resentment by some people and was questioned, “How come the Epoch Times in my mailbox?”

Why did Falun Gong produce and spread enormous “fake news” during this special period? In view of Falun Gong’s funding sources, one is the support of benefactor behind, the other is the profits of so-called business activities, and apart from that, the acceptance of donations from believers. From this analysis, Falun Gong seems to spread the so-called doctrine on the surface, but in essence, it develops believers based on all disasters, thereby opening up channels for further wealth.

Nowadays, judging from the fact people got infected in Dragon Springs, the “Nine-Character Mantra” proclaimed by Falun Gong is not only ineffective in curing disease, but instead leads to numerous believers contracting disease, not only lacks timely treatment, but instead prohibits going out regardless of human life, not only fails to promote truth and respect science, but instead superstitiously passes the buck, not only cares nothing for ecology, but instead ignores laws and refuses supervision. To perceive Falun Gong as a whole from Dragon Springs, its anti-nature, anti-human, anti-science and anti-society look is as clear as daylight!


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