Pharmacy caught dispensing “special” flu vaccine just for black people


A pro-vaccine YouTube channel has inadvertently revealed to the world that the vaccine industry offers different vaccines for people depending on their skin color.

Allen Pan, who gets a thrill out of designing various vaccine weapon prototypes for shock value, discovered that his camerawoman Shani, who has dark skin, is skeptical of vaccines. This prompted him to have a discussion with her on camera about her concerns.

“I don’t think you should treat people who don’t want to get vaccines, or who are skeptical of vaccines, like they’re idiots,” Shani told Pan during a recent segment on vaccine skepticism.

“I don’t have a good enough track record of our government taking care of us, of doctors taking care of us, for me to feel comfortable that I’m not being experimented on,” Shani explained.

“Let’s just look into history, you’ve got the Tuskegee project, you have a radiologist who decided to radiate his patients, so I don’t feel comfortable at all putting anything in my body where I know that they don’t care about me.”

After discussing the matter further with Pan, Shani ultimately agreed to go with him to a pharmacy to get a flu shot, the caveat being that Shani only wanted “to go where the white people go” – which is exactly what the two proceeded to do.

Pan took Shani to a pharmacy in Beverly Hills, where the two appeared to get vaccinated for influenza on camera. When it was time for Shani to receive hers, however, the pharmacist pulled out a different vaccine just for blacks – watch below:


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