HUGE QUESTION: Why didn’t the paramedic try to resuscitate George Floyd before haphazardly lifting him onto the stretcher? No pulse check? No CPR? No neck stabilization?


(Natural News) Here it comes. The questions are mounting again against a false narrative spewed by the mass media all over the country and the world. Intelligent people are figuring this one out. Let the questions fly. Let’s start with the two cops and the one paramedic who literally drop Floyd on the ground while trying to place him on the gurney. That could have broken his neck right there if his spine was already compromised. How did they know he even needed a stretcher? If they knew he needed a stretcher, why was the EMT worker still setting up the stretcher while the cop had his knee pressed on Floyd’s neck?

If the paramedic was so sure they needed a stretcher, who told him that? The cops had simply walked Floyd across the street, then pinned him to the ground, cuffed him, and were keeping him from fighting back, right?

So then, who called for the ambulance and knew Floyd was already so dead that he wouldn’t require any search by EMS staff for signs of life, breathing, broken neck, anything, before flopping him and twisting him onto a stretcher?

Did someone tell the paramedics ahead of time that Floyd was already unconscious and would need to be thrown into the ambulance as fast as possible? Watch the embedded video below and notice how the EMT is taking his sweet time getting the stretcher off the ambulance, not in any rush whatsoever.

The EMT/Paramedic knows something we don’t when he pulls up to the scene

First, the EMT pulls up and pulls out the stretcher, then 3 cops help him toss Floyd onto the gurney. But wait, does the EMT already know something about Floyd’s condition? If a guy being arrested is simply pinned on the ground by a cop, why did this EMT unload a stretcher? It’s not like Chauvin got off Floyd at a midway point and noticed his neck was broken or that he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. How does the EMT know he needs a stretcher, and why doesn’t he check Floyd’s vital signs first?

There’s a big hole in this narrative, and it’s all hinged on how Floyd was treated AFTER the 9 minute infamous Derek Chauvin neck kneel.


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