Pornhub Threatens to Sue an East Village Kebab Shop Over Similar Logo


MindGeek, the company behind the video-streaming website Pornhub, has threatened to sue an East Village kebab shop if it doesn’t change its logo. Döner Haus opened on East 14th Street in March: Its white and yellow sign drew comparisons to the pornographic website even before it opened. According to a cease and desist letter from MindGeek, the two logos have “the same general look and feel” and could “cause confusion” between the single-location kebab shop and the world’s second most popular pornographic website. “We are in two completely different business sectors and we see no way how we can be confused with them,” Pauline Phan, a marketing manager at Döner Haus, tells the New York Post. “We will try our very best to fight it.” A lawsuit hasn’t been filed, but MindGeek intends to take “appropriate legal action” if the restaurant doesn’t change its logo.

Chinatown chefs speak out over jail plans

Chefs and restaurant owners are speaking out against the city’s plans to build a $2.3 billion, 45-story jail in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown, the New York Post reports. Jan Lee, whose family is the landlord of Hop Kee, a Cantonese restaurant open since 1968, fears the jail will spell the end of many of the neighborhood’s oldest restaurants. Zhan Chen, a partner at Pot Luck Club who grew up in the neighborhood, echoed the sentiment: “The quality of life has already been impacted by the demolition.”

A buzzy new restaurant closes without a reopening date

Moono, one of the year’s hottest restaurants, that opened in May, is closed for now. The owners of Jua, a Michelin-starred Korean spot in Manhattan, announced Friday the restaurant is closed due to “circumstances beyond our control”: There’s a gas issue in the kitchen, and the restaurant plans to reopen as soon as it’s resolved, its restaurant’s publicist says. Moono doesn’t have a reopening date.

Birria smash burgers are coming to the East Village

The restaurant credited with kicking off the birria boom in Miami is opening in Manhattan. El Primo Red Tacos recently put up on an East Village storefront at 151 Avenue A, between Ninth and 10th streets. Owner Frank Neri says the taco shop will serve the same menu as the original in Florida: That means smash burgers, bowls of ramen, and bone marrow tacos loaded with slow-cooked beef birria. It opens on September 7.


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