Brittain takes on modeling world in NYC


NEW YORK CITY – In high school, people would ask Colby Brittain if he was a model, and if he wasn’t, he should be. He took it as a sign and signed with his first modeling agency in Tulsa.

Brittain initially thought he would go to college to play sports or have a career in the medical field.

“I would just have people come up to me all the time and they would either ask me if I did model or tell me that I should,” he said. “That happened so many times that I finally told my mom, I said ‘look I think this is a sign.’ I mean it just happened so many times, there’s no way that this is something I shouldn’t do. It was just kind of one of those feelings.”

Though he signed with an agency in Tulsa, he and other models attended an expo in Dallas and he ended up with offers from agencies across the country. 

“I think I got like 32 callbacks from everybody there,” he said. “So I had options to sign with agencies in New York and over in Milan (Italy) and L.A., Chicago. Even like Mexico and stuff. I ended up signing with Kim Dawson in Dallas.”

He said after modeling there for a year for companies such as JC Penney, he got to model in New York City, signing with DNA Modeling Agency, where he has been since 2015.

“I think it was June of 2015, I went to New York and I met with agencies and I signed with an agency called DNA,” he said. “That’s pretty much how I got to New York. I was there in June and July, I came back home, and then I moved to New York full time in January of 2016.”

He did runway modeling in Men’s Fashion Week and commercial modeling and his biggest break was shooting a campaign for the clothing company Aeropostale.

“My biggest job that I did when I first started was for Aeropostale,” he said. “It was a national campaign. One of my goals when I first got to New York was to be in Times Square on the big screen. So that was a pretty cool experience. Aeropostale had a store there in Times Square and I got to see myself up on the big screen there.”

Brittain has also modeled for other popular brands. “I shot for Ralph Lauren doing e-comm, which is internet work for them. Men’s Warehouse, I do a lot of stuff for their website, and I also shot their campaign and I was in all of their stores nationwide. Warby Parker is an eyeglasses company; they’re getting really, really popular.”


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