'Diving America into two countries gains support


(Natural News) On Wednesday, ANP discussed the need for an entire conservative internet networking chain, as social media and big tech companies drop the hammer on all conservative users. From media to social media, chat forums to hosting services, an entire portion of the internet needs to turn red.

Perhaps it is not only the internet that needs to be divided into red/blue.

Through the years we have seen half-hearted rhetoric about dividing the country into two, red states and blue states, not just because of how they voted in any particular election, but because of the beliefs they live by.

For example, liberals want “unisex” bathrooms, lockers rooms and changing rooms, meaning that a grown man could be in a bathroom, or changing room with a female child, or vice versa where grown women could be in a bathroom or changing room with little boys.

Liberals support children indoctrinated to socialism and Marxism in public schools, sex education for kindergarteners, massively high taxes, big government, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, etc…etc…etc….

Conservatives favor lower taxes, smaller government, protecting our children from indoctrination into socialism, and from being told that there are more than two genders, etc…etc…etc…

There is no doubt that liberals and conservatives are completely different, not just in small segments of ideology, but from one end of the ideological spectrum to the other.

The differences between the two segments of society continues to widen every day.

A new poll shows the highest level of support for splitting America up into red and blue countries, separating the two segments of society, with each portion sovereign and in control of their own nation.

25% now want the U.S. divided up into red and blue countries, according to new poll. Granted a significantly higher percentage opposes such a move, but the 25% is the highest level of support we have seen for such a measure and the pattern shows the support continues to increase.


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