Big Tech and Big Pharma join hands: Oracle to handle US coronavirus vaccination database


(Natural News) Technology firm Oracle announced that it will be in charge of the American COVID-19 vaccination database. In a Dec. 15 press release, the company said it will serve as the central data storage hub for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Oracle’s “national clearing house” will receive data from all U.S. jurisdictions that vaccinate their residents.

The Oracle National Electronic Health Records (EHR) Cloud stems from the initial days of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reached out to the White House in March 2020. He asked President Donald Trump if there was a database for real-time data about COVID-19 treatment efficacies and outcomes. Ellison then offered to create one for the Trump administration for free.

The technology company head then brought together a team of Oracle engineers “to build a database and website registering coronavirus cases.” The engineers were to work with government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration for this purpose.

Oracle’s database first gained attention in July 2020, when National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci launched the COVID-19 Prevention Trials Network (COVPN). COVPN was the outcome of four earlier networks looking at HIV/AIDS. Despite the merger, the four networks would still continue their original objectives.

A NIAID press release stated that COVPN “is expected to operate more than 100 clinical trial sites across the U.S. and internationally.” The same release acknowledged Oracle’s contribution, as the COVPN site “features a customized data collection platform which Oracle … built and donated, to securely identify potential trial participants.”

Operation Warp Speed Director Dr. Moncef Slaoui has made references to the Oracle EHR Cloud multiple times. In September, he told Science magazine: “We’re working super hard on a very active pharmacovigilance system to make sure that when the vaccines are introduced, [we can] absolutely continue to assess their safety.”

An October 2020 piece on Slaoui by the Wall Street Journal formally mentioned Oracle’s involvement in the database. It mentioned that Operation Warp Speed selected both Google and Oracle “to collect and track vaccine data.”


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