Anti-black racism permeates


The constant persecution faced by Jewish communities around the world due to anti-Semitism is generally known. Many Jewish communities scattered across the globe are relentlessly faced with all kinds of threats involving swastikas, acts which call back to the early 1940s and the Holocaust.

Despite Jewish communities suffering such hate and racism over the years, it comes as a rude shock to witness the level of hideous racism that exists even within the Jewish community. A recent event involving the New York City-based Jewish dating website clearly showed the level of racism Jewish people suffer at the hands of other Jews.

The range of racism within Jewish communities has typically been spearheaded by white Eastern and Central European ‘Ashkenazi’ Jews, who show strong racist conduct towards the ‘Sephardic’ Jews, many of whom are North African and Middle Eastern. The elites of white Jewish communities have also subjected black Jewish people in general to racism, oppression, and outright exclusion. Generally, racism within Jewish communities has been targeted towards dark-skinned Jews and other visible minorities who are not white.

The Jewish dating site is managed by Ashkenazi Jews and operates several other affiliate matchmaking platforms including On the website, you can almost only find Ashkenazi Jews as they comprise the overwhelming majority of users on the site, leaving little or no room for Sephardic Jews.

The Ashkenazi Jews who manage and are apparently supporters of racist ideology that forbids “race-mixing” with non-Jews or non-white Jewish people. The Ashkenazi Jewish elites who manage these sites appear to believe that black Jews don’t belong on their sites.  Due to this racist ideology, a black Jewish male who ‘dared’ to open an account on these predominantly white Jewish dating sites—owned by Marc Goldmann—had his account suspended by Mr. David Strauss. The black Jewish male’s calls for Mr. Strauss’s supervisors to investigate the matter went ignored.

Out of sheer apparent racism for black Jews, Mr. Strauss flagged this black Jewish male’s account and then suspended it.

Upon noticing this suspension, the black Jewish male called the company, and Mr. Strauss showed no iota of remorse nor expressed any interest in looking into the man’s claim of being a valid and compliant member of the dating site.

One comment that further heightened Mr. Strauss’s racist behaviour was his weak justification for suspending the account of this complainant. He told the complainant that his account photo depicted a black male and the individual on the phone “sounded white.” Therefore, Mr. Strauss reached the unjust conclusion that the person on the profile was not the same as the one on the phone.

Due to this, Mr. Strauss quickly suspended the complainant’s account on the pretext of fraud being carried out by a “white person”; this was despite the complainant’s offer to provide solid evidence in the form of live TV interviews on YouTube by two separate and renowned broadcasters.

The black Jewish complainant had his membership suspended within minutes of this phone conversation with Mr. Strauss.

Despite being suspended unjustly and on a racist pretext, the black Jewish male still left several messages on the dating site’s office phone and through their email, and they have all been ignored.

It is quite evident that the management of this Jewish dating site is strongly against having a dark-skinned “negro” on their website. They showed zero interest in considering the overwhelming evidence that proved the legitimacy of this black Jewish male’s account.

During the complainant’s conversation with Mr. Strauss, Mr. Strauss vehemently stated that the platform was “private” and the company reserved the right to remove anyone who “they didn’t like.” Judging from the outcome of this event, they apparently didn’t like “his kind.”

This is unfortunately just one of many accounts of Jewish racism towards darker-skinned Jews. A Sephardic lawyer colleague of mine noted that she was referred to as a “nigger” on numerous occasions during a trip to Israel. This further illustrates the degrading way the elite “Zionist” Ashkenazis often treats visible minority Jews.

Simply because of the black profile photo that was used on the dating site, Mr. Strauss was triggered and decided to remove the user from the site using a racist pretext.  The man’s account was suspended after matchmakers had already arranged several matches with this “negro Jew.”

It is worthy of note that most of the users on this site are Ashkenazis and while most of them are respectable members of the Jewish community, Mr. Strauss and the management of, including Marc Goldmann and fellow co-founder Azi Cutter, don’t belong in this bracket, as they have ignored several attempts to investigate this issue.

Nylah Burton, a sexual assault survivor advocate and a student from Howard University, talks comprehensively about the racism faced by black Jews in the Jewish community in an article. The article gives deep insights into the plight of black Jews and other visible minorities in the dating world and society at large.

Black Jews living in New York City have constantly complained about how rabbis and even an entire synagogue would stop them from attending services, alongside other anti-Semitic practises.

David Strauss, alongside other Ashkenazi Jews managing, go against Judaic laws with their racist behaviour by apparently trying to stop “race-mixing” on their website. These people are no different from those that dominate KKK-affiliated groups and white Nazi-apologists in the United States.

It is important to stand against this racist ideology and fight against anti-Semitism as Jewish people who have survived the Holocaust, to ensure that such evil against the Jewish people never repeats itself.

The racist practices of those at the helm of must be challenged by civilized Jewish people and other members of society, irrespective of race, to ensure social and racial justice for everyone.

Show support for this move against the racist Jewish site racially profiling black Jews by endorsing this new petition.


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