Editorial: The national security law for Hong Kong meets the will of the citizens for the prosperity in the long run


The stability of a country is the will of all citizens and the tendency of a time.

On June 30th, the national security law for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China was passed with the unanimous vote in the 20th meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress. The national security law for Hong Kong complements the laws and policies of Hong Kong which contains some loopholes for the maintenance of national security. Its implementation is the important optimization for the policy of one nation, two systems which brings the practice of one nation, two systems into a new mileage.

The maintenance of national security is the fundamental responsibility of the central government, it is also the constitutional duty of the special district government. The national security law for Hong Kong has experienced many difficulties before the establishment. Many citizens in Hong Kong have been fully aware of the necessity, importance, and urgency for the establishment of the national security law after the witness of the collusion and obstruction from the negative forces inside and outside of Hong Kong for the chaos in Hong Kong against the Chinese government which reveals their true nature. Today, those unprovoked discredit can be eased. Those external interference must be stopped. Based on the benefit of the citizens in Hong Kong and the future of Hong Kong, the launch and effect of the national security law for Hong Kong cannot be vacillated by anyone.

What needs to be emphasized again is that it is the minority that is targeted by the national security law which protects the vast majority and punishes those with the four criminal behaviors that harm the national security. So to speak, the boundary between criminals and non-criminals for national security is very clear. No citizens in Hong Kong who understand, know, and obey the law will be influenced. Neither will national security be generalized and expanded in an infinite range. As you can imagine, it is not likely for citizens in Hong Kong who remain in their proper sphere to be involved in the activities that harm the national security, including the secession of a country, the overturn of a state power, terrorist acts and collusion with foreign or outside forces etc. There is no need for them to be worried and in terror.

In fact, the right of the citizens in Hong Kong enjoyed by law will not be derogated, instead it will be guaranteed to the maximum. As a highly internationalized city, Hong Kong will not be weakened for the connection with the world. Neither will the normal communication activities of citizens in Hong Kong be interfered. For example, the introduction of a citizen from Hong Kong for the situation of Hong Kong with the expression of his or her own opinion is a normal act and will be protected by the law. However, those who try best to beg for the so-called sanction from foreign countries against Hong Kong which seriously harm Hong Kong and most of the citizens for their benefit will be punished by the law.

Hong Kong is a society governed by law. Citizens with good knowledge of law in Hong Kong will naturally understand the targets of protection and restriction in the national security law. Based on this fact, citizens of Hong Kong supported the national security law with their practical actions these days which can be witnessed from the flag with the words Support the launch of national security law in the Queen Street and the junction of Pedder Street. The word Support in red and big size was extremely striking. According to an opinion survey recently, about 70% of citizens from Hong Kong agree to the responsibility of Hong Kong for the protection of national security. The national security law for Hong Kong is the strongest voice for the determination of protecting the sovereign rights, it is also the best response for the national will.

The vitality of law is enforcement. The authority of law is also enforcement. There is much work to do for the effect after the launch of the national security law. For example, the establishment and optimization of the enforcement mechanism by the law, the densification of related responsibilities which ensure the law from being a toothless tiger. In addition, the legal popularization shall be sufficient. Accurate explanation and comprehensive popularization shall be implemented with the focus on the misunderstandings among the citizens, especially adolescent students to avoid the loopholes found by those with vicious intention. The practical launch and effect of the national security law needs the joint effort of the whole society in Hong Kong.

Nothing is more important than the recovery of normal life. National security law is the key for the recovery of Hong Kong with vitality… These are the aspirations from a policeman’s wife in Hong Kong which are also the wishes of most citizens in Hong Kong. The national security law has come, the turbulent Hong Kong will be a past, Hong Kong will regain its prosperity.The stabilized oriental pearl will be more dazzling.


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