5G Can Still Be Stopped


Yes, I'm an eternal optimist – but look there is some significant progress being made against 5G right now and it's time to take action in your local community. In this video and post you'll be getting some details on what we are doing and how the progress is going as well as some news about what's been going on in Baton Rouge.

When you watch this video you'll hear us discuss the “Anti-Commandeering Doctrine” which has to do with limiting the Federal government's powers over local municipalities. I realized after editing this video that there's not much context for that in this video. We had already put our local city council on notice about the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine in a previous city council meeting so I will follow up with a post about that to share the full details.

Meanwhile in Baton Rouge the local efforts are seem to be making some progress. The progress can be slow but remember slow and steady wins the race so it's important not to give up hope.

“As a councilman, and I'm not pointing fingers, I didn't do my job. Period. We got to do a better job, at least I do,” Council Pro Tem Scott Wilson told other members Wednesday night during a public hearing on the small cell towers.

Darryl Gissel, chief administrative officer for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome, told the Metro Council that the mayor has directed her staff, along with Parish Attorney's Office, to work on revisions “with all diligent speed.”