Proof That 5G Is Going To Make Us All Sick?


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Wow a lot has been going down with 5G since the last update on here!

More information has been coming out about the extent of the 5G deployment in China with over 130,000 documented WTF (cell tower) installations in cities throughout China.

And yes, it's true the term used for 5G towers is WTF which is exactly what everyone is saying when they find out they've installed one in their front yard! It stands for Wireless Telecommunication Facility.

Anyway, here in Part 5 “Who Really Wants 5G – Proof That 5G Is Going To Make You Sick” we get into some of the local news briefs about people taking direct action to stop 5G in their local area. After all with 4G when we have a decent signal the phones are quite fast already, delivering information at our fingertips rapidly. Honest reviews of 5G have already shown that unless you are right next to the WTF the promised super fast speeds are not really happening.

This is why China, who incidentally WON the Race to 5G, has deployed 130,000 5G towers and continues to add more at a rapid pace.

There's already been some very interesting correlation between the cities in China who have full scale 5G deployed and the high rates of sickness and death. Is this because 5G is causing faster spread of a virus or do we even need a virus for the damaging health effects of 5G to take hold on a population?