New York City authors get expert training on book self-publishing


There are secrets to successful self-publishing. If there weren’t, every self-published book would be a hit. So do you ever wonder what some people do differently? Get answers from a self-publishing expert on how to expedite the self-publishing of high quality and mass-marketable books at a book publishing event for New York authors, coming up soon.

About the Event

Agora Publishing, a not-for-profit organization is bringing personalized training for authors who seek to pursue book self-publishing. This online business class would hold on February 19th, 2020 from 7 PM-10 PM EST and a ticket cost CA$490.55. This online event is a two-hour introduction which includes a question and answers session mixed in with the presentation. The other eight hours will be scheduled according to mutual convenience.

The following tutoring support services would be provided during the class:

  • Critical steps to ensure that you produce high quality and mass-marketing books.
  • Moral support and professional advisement toward the timely completion of your manuscript.
  • Suggested service options to expedite the self-publishing of your book.

Some of the services that would be suggested during the course include:-

  • Illustration
  • Copy editing or substantive editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Website design / graphic design
  • Professional typesetting - designing internal pages
  •  Pre-marketing i.e. press releases and promotional reviews
  •  Social media marketing/search engine marketing
  • Book cover design - essential for marketing
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Book make-overs (general)
  •  ISBN registration etc
  • Other/miscellaneous services


You cannot make your self-publishing dreams come true, by following the same old habits you have had for years. Writing may be a very unsociableactivity;however, promoting your book is not. One of the best ways to get publicityfor your books is by associating with other authors and business people in the publishing industry.

Asides the promotion you get by networking with other members of the publishing industry, you would also be sharing information with people who are in the same field as you and building meaningful relationships for future projects.

When you create relationships and network with other authors and publishers, you can easily learn what works in self-publishing or publishing as a whole. Networking also provides a support system that would help you through many author issues such as writers' block.

Participating in online groups is a great way for an author to network, especially if you don't have the money or the desire to travel to new places and meet a bunch of strangers.Online groups are also great for brand new authors, so they get a feel of what is happening in the industry.

In today’s publishing world, you don’t have to sit biting your nails, waiting for yet another traditional publishing firm to send you a rejection letter. To succeed, many times you will have to take the bold step and self-publish your book. Self-publishing is not only for e-books. Self-published books make money. If you self-publish, you’ll never work with a traditional publisher again. Get your tickets for this exceptional self-publishing event and learn how to take your fate as a writer, into your own hands.


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