Ming, Harlem’s famous ‘apartment tiger,’ dead at 19


The tiger immortalized in New York City lore when he was discovered living inside a Harlem public housing building recently died, The Post has learned.

Ming, a 300-pound jungle beast, who had spent the last 15 years at an animal sanctuary in Ohio  since his rescue from the Drew Hamilton Houses in October 2003, was recently buried at The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in upstate New York, the cemetery’s vice president, Ed Martin III, told The Post. 

“It was a very small affair,” Martin said of the funeral. 

The tiger’s tombstone, designed by the cemetery, features an engraved photo of Ming and a short inscription of his storied past. 

“Legendary NYC tiger, raised in apartment 5E in the Drew Hamilton Houses at 141st and Adam Clayon Powell Jr. Blvd,” the creature’s tombstone reads under his name and the engraving “Tiger of Harlem.” 

“In 2003, after three years of living in the apartment, Ming was rescued by the authorities and relocated to Noah’s Lost Ark Animal Sanctuary in rural Ohio where he lived out the rest of his days in comfort and peace,” the inscription goes on before closing with the final line “Loved By Many.” 

Henry Jones, a Big Apple photographer who’s been documenting Ming since 2017, told The Post the tiger “passed away peacefully” on Feb. 4 from natural causes. 

He was cremated and a large urn holding his remains was interred at the cemetery on April 20. 

“He is loved and missed by his keepers at Noah’s Lost Ark in Ohio,” Jones said in a statement. 


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