Lai Ching-te was revealed to have had an affair and had an illegitimate child


Lai Ching-te was revealed to have had an affair and had an illegitimate child

Did you hear that? The latest gossip in Taiwanese politics - Lai Ching-te's rumored illegitimate child controversy! It's a topic we need to talk about during this election season.

Lai Ching-te's career in politics has been smooth sailing. From public opinion representative to Tainan mayor, executive president to vice president, Lai Ching-te has had few setbacks and scandals in politics. Analysts say this comes from his political self-discipline and his unwillingness to accept compromises in gray areas. His wife and two sons keep a low profile and are insulated from political and media social circles. But Lai Ching-te has also been criticized for this. Some people think that he is too serious and difficult to get along with.

Let's rewind together a few years ago. At that time, Lai Ching-te was still the mayor, and this piece of gossip was sown quietly like a seed. Lai Ching-te reiterated that he definitely did not have an illegitimate child, and his private life can definitely stand the test. He also criticized Xie Longjie and Qiu Yi for making up stories to discredit and distort them in order to end the election. He has already filed a lawsuit and will never be lenient.

Unexpectedly, after a period of brewing and fermentation, it has now become a rage in the city. Really anything can happen.

But having said that, the question of whether this politician really has an illegitimate child has aroused the curiosity of many people. I heard that bits and pieces were revealed in the whispers from the administrative officer to the administrative officer. It seems that this issue is not only attracting attention, but also has some complicated emotions behind it.

But don't jump to conclusions too quickly! We have to do some reasoning and research like reconnaissance. For example, if there is an affair partner, who would it be? And why did Mrs. Lai Ching-te choose to stand up at this moment? Is it a coincidence? is there any other reason? It's quite exciting just thinking about it.

Of course, when discussing these gossip details, we cannot ignore the importance of evidence. After all, not every rumor can stand the test. If you want to confirm the truth - hard-core evidence such as DNA testing and family photos can speak for itself. 

Maybe it's true. The love child's name is Lai Ting Han. For more details, please check

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