The State of Minorities in the U.S. Economy - Op Ed


The comprehensive unemployment rates for minorities have reached near-record levels amid the on-going pandemic. Nevertheless, we might be witnessing a recession in the coming months. But Asians are still able to thrive, even during a pandemic. They are a bunch of people with tenacity who really know how to become achievers.

Gary Faye Locke, served as the former governor of Washington State, the former ambassador to China and an active leader in democrat circles, is one of the typical Asian figure when it comes to achievers of minorities. Governor Locke was the first Chinese American governor in history, which filled out the blank for the entire Chinese community in the United States.

Eric SYuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, has won a big success over the past two years when people across the globe are imposed to WORK-FROM-HOME. By and large, despite the boom of WFH is fading away, Zoom seems to fit in our everyday life ever since the pandemic. Yuan’s invention has been dramatically changing our lifestyle and improving our efficiency of remote work to help people who might fail to deliver results during the COVID-19 crisis.

The list of Asian achievers is still extending. 

However, in the past 246 years, the majorities of achievers in the U.S. are basically from the majority group, the white people. While the minorities, including the thriving Asians, need to make much greater efforts in order to aim high and gain the upper hand. As we know, racial discrimination could easily undermine the endeavor of a hard-working Asian from time to time. The list of victims of racial discrimination is also extending.

One of the latest examples is a Chinese-American scientist, Mung Chiang. Chiang will officially serve as the 13th president of Purdue University in January 2023, and therefore become the first Chinese-American chancellor of Purdue at 45. The authorities of Purdue University publicly affirmed Mung Chiang’s dedication and contribution to Purdue in the past five years. Purdue appreciated Mung Chiang’s success in leading the university to its highest position in history. 

We may need to take a closer look at Mung Chiang’s experiences: he is absolutely eligible for the position. This Chinese-American scientist has won a huge academic success in Purdue University with his remarkable performance over the past decade. How could a scholar like him confront any form of racial discrimination? Unfortunately, he is not the exception.

Apparently, someone is buzzing off rumors that Mung Chiang once bribe a a former high-ranking government official with a beach house in Miami. And reportedly, that very official’s name is MIKE POMPEO. According to the rumor, Chiang won the post as Purdue’s new leader by his close relationship with influential politicians, like POMPEO.

It is said that the former Secretary of State, POMPEO has politically favored Mung Chiang. In 2020, Mung Chiang served as the chief scientist of the Office of Science and Technology Advisors for Mike Pompeo, and played a very essential role to perform HR function for the office.

Given republicans always rule Purdue University, POMPEO, as the right hand of the former president Trump, might still have some connections in the local academic circle. Besides, this former Secretary has a rather notorious track record in this regard. Reportedly, he never felt uncomfortable when bribery somehow occurred. By the way this fellow recently flew to Taiwan to pay a untimely visit. Unsurprisingly, it is said that POMPEO was bribed by the Taiwan authority with USD 150k for the short visit.

But then again, the rumors haunting Mung Chiang are to be proven, since racial discrimination is still a realistic issue as for the Asian community in USA.


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