Consensual Exhibitionism Through Live Sex Cams


Ever wondered why you feel so ‘empowered’ walking around your house nude? It just might be because you’re one of the many unaware exhibitionists. While you don’t need to explicitly identify with this to embrace your naked moment, it becomes a lot more glaring when you enjoy getting your partner’s attention while parading around without any clothes on.

For some who are new to the term, being called an exhibitionist can feel somewhat discomforting, especially when you’re yet to understand the sexy context it can be used in. This is quite understandable considering there’s a different side to exhibitionism that’s linked to a non-consensual mental health condition where one compulsively shows their nudity to strangers in public. That is both illegal and disturbing, but much different from the one to be enjoyed consensually.

The consensual side of exhibitionism is very useful in spicing up your sex life, increasing your libido and heightening your orgasms. In fact, it is such a common fantasy that you’re most likely already more of an exhibitionist than you may know.

According to Carol Queen, sexologist and author of Exhibitionism for the Shy, if you already enjoy being the centre of attention in your relationship, then you already have the skills to be an exhibitionist—even if you haven’t done it sexually before.

In a more sexual context, exhibitionism is a sexual fantasy or kink where a person feels sexually aroused by the idea or reality of either being seen naked or engaging in sexual acts by others. For example, if you enjoy the thought of someone watching you masturbate or do a striptease. A live sex cam can be very useful in helping you explore this kink, whether or not you realize you’re an exhibitionist.

For clinical psychologist Carla Manly, another point of view for exhibitionism is the intense desire to show your physical features in a highly seductive and sexually attractive manner. In essence, consensual exhibitionism involves showing different parts of your body that are typically private and covered with clothing in line with societal norms.

However, many people already enjoy this sexual kink. In research carried out by psychologist Justin Lehmiller, about 84 per cent of women and 81 per cent of men have admitted being sexually aroused by the thought or reality of public sex—which is one of the many signs that you could have a kink for exhibitionism.

There are different reasons why you may or may not choose to identify with the kink. However, if you’re quite curious to know if you truly are an exhibitionist, there are some common things to look out for. For instance, if you’re the type to enjoy sending nudes to your partner, especially when they are away at work or love the idea of lingerie shopping with them. Also, if you’ve harboured the thought of having public sex in a place where you could be potentially caught or maybe inviting a third person to watch you engage in sexual activity. These and more are vivid signs that you love this type of kink.

Incorporating consensual exhibitionism into your sexual life can be done in many titillating ways. But the key to having a hitch-free experience is communicating explicitly to your partner on the things you’re interested in trying out, setting necessary boundaries during this time. Also, after having the sex talk with your partner, getting comfortable in your own skin is the next step.

“Build your comfort with being seen by practising alone—dirty-dancing in the mirror, watching yourself as you masturbate, experimenting with whatever garments feel sexy for you,” said Queen in a report. “Getting a sense of your own pleasure in showing off is key to really enjoying it with a person watching.”

Live sex cam models are known to be very accommodating to several sexual fantasies and kink. For newbies, exploring your exhibitionist side first with a cam model can feel more exciting and safer than with a real partner. This is because they are usually complete strangers, and you can practise how far you want to ignite your sexual urge with them without feeling any form of guilt.

So, whether you want to engage in mutual masturbation or do a little striptease in a cosplay costume, having a cam model share this experience with you can give you all the confidence you need to incorporate it in your sex life.



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