Zero-gravity flight experience brings space travel to NYC


For space travel hopefuls in NYC, the weight is over. 

Zero Gravity Corp., or Zero-G, is giving New Yorkers an otherworldly opportunity to experience weightlessness like an astronaut — or like billionaires Richard Branson, 71, and Jeff Bezos, 57. 

“We’re giving you the same incomparable feeling that Bezos and Branson just felt during their recent flights,” Zero-G CEO Matt Gohd, 65, told The Post. 

For $7,500 a person, the space entertainment and tourism company will take passengers on a 90-minute flight in a specially modified Boeing 727 aircraft, dubbed G-Force One, later this summer. 

The plane, devoid of seats or furniture, flies in 15 parabolic arcs — aerobatic maneuvers similar to roller coaster arches — between 24,000- and 32,000-foot altitudes. The parabolas create a weightless environment for flyers inside the aircraft’s padded 30-foot cabin. Highly trained flight coaches will be aboard to supervise.

“Overall, passengers will experience about eight minutes of weightlessness,” Gohd said, adding, “That’s twice the amount of time Branson and Bezos experienced it for a fraction of the cost.”

Both tycoons spent millions on their respective extraterrestrial joyrides. But Branson, who took flight on July 11, enjoyed five minutes of weightlessness. And Bezos’s July 20 trip afforded him only four minutes of complete freedom from gravity.

“There’s literally nothing in this world like the feeling of being in no gravity,” said Gohd, an Oakland, Calif., native who left his job as a Wall Street investment adviser to run Zero-G two years ago.

The company has been conducting FAA-approved, commercial zero-gravity flights since 2004. Stephen Hawking, Martha Stewart and Kate Upton — who did a sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot in a Zero-G chamber — are among the famous faces who have gone on weightless expeditions.


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