How New York City Delivery Workers Are Rewriting The Rules Of Gig Work


In a groundbreaking show of solidarity and collaboration in New York City, Los Deliveristas Unidos at Workers Justice Project have partnered with several City Council members to introduce 6 bills aimed at regulating delivery apps and improving the working conditions and quality of life for delivery workers. 

Los Deliveristas Unidos is a campaign by Workers Justice Project, a Brooklyn-based workers resource center that serves mostly immigrant service, homecare and construction industry workers. LDU is a collective of app-based delivery workers, mostly immigrants, fighting for justice and better working conditions in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. LDU workers were essential in keeping NYC fed during the pandemic and the organization has been on the street organizing and representing NYC delivery workers across the five boroughs. The worker-driven effort has empowered thousands of delivery workers to organize and collectively fight the externalities and injustices caused by the business models of apps such as GrubHub, DoorDash, Relay and Uber UBER+1.7%Eats.

The bills came directly from LDU’s campaign demands and include:

  • Requiring all restaurants to provide access to bathrooms for delivery workers who are picking up a delivery.
  • Requiring third party delivery platforms to provide at least one non-bank payment options, and a requirement to pay workers on at least a weekly basis regardless of payment options offered.
  • Requiring third party delivery platforms to allow delivery workers to set maximum distances for orders and prevent platforms from penalizing workers for rejecting orders outside of their distance limitations.
  • Requiring the City to establish per trip minimum payments to third party delivery service workers, excluding tips.
  • Requiring third party delivery platforms to supply insulated delivery bags to workers at the platform’s expense.
  • And requiring businesses and restaurants to disclose how much of each gratuity goes to a delivery worker who delivered an order, how gratuities are distributed to delivery workers and how much of each gratuity is used to compose each delivery worker’s base wage.


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