Thieves steal US$300,000 of booze from New York City wine store


Alcohol thieves broke into a wine store in the NoHo neigborhood of New York City earlier this week, taking $300,000 worth of booze from the shop’s fully-stocked basement.

Staff at the Taste Wine Company on Third Ave. near 11th St. entered the store – which has been closed for some time according to the NY Daily News – only to find that thieves had cleaned out the basement of stock. Thieves took scores of wine and liquor bottles, as well as 125 expensive wine dispensers, police said.

Taste Wine Company’s owner told police that his store had been closed since January 8 and that all the wine had been fully accounted for at that time.

It is currently unknown how the burglars were able to break into the store’s basement. The owner said that the doors to the business were locked when store workers showed up earlier this week.

Earlier this month, we reported on an ice cream theft that culminated in the would-be perpetrator clinging to a ledge several stories above ground level after being pursued by police.

Having been successfully rescued from his plight, the man was taken into custody, where police officers found 10 cartons of Häagen-Dazs in his backpack.


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