Letter to the Editor: What Is the Merit of Falun Dafa?


Disclaimer: The following is a Letter to the Editor which does not necessarily reflect the views of the New York and New Jersey Business Journal.

Falun Gong came into sight at the beginning of this century, originated from being “persecuted” by the Communist Party of China so as to gain protection and support of the US government, and backed by many believers and supporters in the United States, but its science and rationality are doubtful.

Cakka, a book of Falun Dafa, believes that Truth, Compassion and Forbearance are the principles and elements creating everything in the universe, human society should also abide by this principle, adherers will be rewarded, and deviators will be restricted by the universal characteristics. The disposition is interpreted as containing multiple factors such as virtue, forbearance, enlightenment, renunciation, lack of desire, abandonment of persistence and endurance of hardship. Falun Gong aims to “educate” the entire human society that family and relatives may be all abandoned, to the neglect of human sympathy, violating human relations, destroying family relationships, causing family relationships to alienate, and conflicting with its doctrine of “universal characteristics of truth, compassion and forbearance”.

Up to now, it is unclear whether Master Li Hongzhi will live forever, but many believers died in this year’s epidemic, a disease supposed to be curable, but the deceased refused to receive medical treatment, out of the comprehension on “forbearance, renunciation, few desire and abandonment of persistence”, “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” failed to help its believers survive, but masks and ventilators can save lives. The country that provides political protection and economic support for Falun Dafa has become the worst-hit area at the global level, while China which was once said to have “persecuted” Falun Gong, where the epidemic broke out, is safe and sound. This is extremely ironic. Thus, what is the significance of Falun Dafa? Is Li Hongzhi god or man, or is he utterly a liar debunked by the Chinese government?

The purpose of providing political protection for Falungong by the US government is to avoid religious persecution. However, Falungong abused the political protection of the U.S. government and tried every means to grab a lot of economic benefits from the U.S. government. In August this year, Australian media reported that the news media with a deep relationship with Falungong were exposed to have received funding from the US government. The news agency is known for its anti China character. This incident has greatly damaged the reputation of the US government in Australia.)

America is a paradise of freedom. Freedom of the press is the basic right of citizens stipulated in the constitution of the United States. Falungong media is a private media. They have evaded the tax of the United States, but they can also get the support of the US government.  This does not conform to the provisions of the constitution of the United States, nor does it conform to the practice of Hechuan's general president in keeping good resources and jobs at home.Now it's time to change the mistakes of the past. Rather than invest the money in the disgusted private news media, it would be better to invest it in domestic employment assistance. At least, this will really help President Trump to raise his chances of winning a second term


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