Tennessee government seeks to interrogate every child monthly, preferably without parents present


(Natural News) In August, the Tennessee Department of Education unveiled an invasive new plan to check up on every child in the state. The invasive new plan sends government bureaucrats to each home to conduct monthly interviews with each child. These “child wellbeing checks” enlist community stakeholders to interrogate each child in the community, preferably without parents present, to make sure that parents are properly caring for their children.

“Since we know many children have experienced adversity due to the pandemic, child wellbeing checks are a deliberate way all stakeholders in the community can help ensure the needs of our children are met,” said Penny Schwinn, the commissioner of the invasive new plan.

The state wants to invade each home, monitor stress levels, mandate psychiatric drugs and vaccines to ensure the “well being” of the child

The Tennessee Department of Education put together a task force to “verify the well being [of children] and identify needs of all Tennessee children” including those who are home schooled, those who attend private schools, those who participate in online learning, and those who attend the public-school system.

The task force calls on “communities” to come together to check on the kids and support the holistic needs of the children. “Holistic needs” was not defined by the government’s guidance.

“I am encouraged by the hard work and dedication of the Task Force and our districts to support kids and their holistic needs,” said Schwinn. The Task Force guidance requires the “checkers” to speak with every child, from birth to 18 years, as “directly and as privately as possible.”

The task force wants to train and develop an army of bureaucrats to check in on children every month in order to sell government services to families. These services include food, transportation, “devices” and hygiene procedures. Most notably, the bureaucrats would be tasked with evaluating the “mental health” of the child, which opens the door to the administration of psychiatric drugs and other behavioral modifications. These well-being ministers of the state also want to make sure the children are getting every single vaccine recommended by the CDC. 


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