Michigan passes bill to “voluntarily” microchip humans with RFID transponders


(Natural News) Are you ready for the Mark of the Beast? If you live in Michigan, then your House of Representatives has already voted in favor of allowing employers to microchip their workers, fulfilling the dystopian nightmare outlined in the book of Revelation.

While the Microchip Protection Act reportedly contains voluntary provisions for chipping people, it is not hard to imagine a time in the future when this could quickly turn mandatory, especially now that the world has been brainwashed into pandemic hysteria.

Sponsored by Representative Bronna Kahle, a Republican, the bill was passed under the guise of protecting the “privacy” of workers throughout the state, allowing for expanded growth of the job market. But in reality, the bill’s provisions actually turn people into human cattle to be monitored 24/7 by the government.

“With the way technology has increased over the years and as it continues to grow, it’s important Michigan job providers balance the interests of the company with their employees’ expectations of privacy,” the bill states.

“Microchipping has been brought up in many conversations as companies across the country are exploring cost-effective ways to increase workplace efficiency. While these miniature devices are on the rise, so are the calls of workers to have their privacy protected.”

Contained in these microchips are RFID (radio-frequency identification) transponders, which have been determined to cause cancer. But since they represent a “cutting-edge” technology couched in “progress,” Michiganders are apparently primed and ready to have them injected into their bodies when that time comes.


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