China stole technology to build a 3-pronged high tech weapon system that could take down the US power grid


(Natural News) A shocking report from the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security warns that China now has control of a 3-pronged high tech weapon system could easily take down the US power grid.

The 3-prong weapon system includes technology stolen from the U.S., and encompasses a network of satellites, high speed missiles and super-electromagnetic pulse weapons. These weapons are designed to melt down the entire U.S. electric grid, stifling communications system and crippling aircraft carrier groups. The author of the report, Peter Pry, is the executive director of the task force, a long time researcher in EMP weapon systems. An EMP is a high energy, short duration discharge of radiofrequency energy that can disable electromechanical devices.

China People’s Liberation Army lays out plan to take out US power grid

According to China’s People’s Liberation Army textbook, the communist country has already laid out a plan to use high-altitude electromagnetic pulse weapons to carry out a surprise “Pearl Harbor” attack on the U.S. The weapons can be launched from land, ships and satellites, strategically targeting the U.S. power grid and communication systems.

The textbook calls on China to focus on using their breakthroughs in electromagnetic pulse to “equip China without delay with equivalent deterrence that will enable it to stand up to the military powers in the information age and neutralize and check the deterrence of Western powers, including the United States.”

Pry has warned Washington officials that China could attack using EMP weapons by simply detonating a nuclear device at high altitude over the country. The Trump administration has taken these national security concerns seriously and delivered an executive order titled, “Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulse.”

“This executive order advances increased resilience to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) events by directing better data gathering, testing, and private-sector coordination to implement protective measures,” the White House reported.

An EMP attack could take down financial transactions, crashing the markets. Transportation of food and common household goods would come to a halt, as communications dissipated. Tens of millions of people would be left without electricity and jobs. In the past three months, panic buying and now looting has become major socioeconomic issues. Now imagine the electricity grid going down in a blink and how quickly panic would ensue.

Following an EMP attack on the East Coast, there would be widespread hunger, coupled with desperation and violence, rippling out from major cities. According to Pry’s report, this could leave up to 90 percent of the population dead within a year. At this point, China could easily invade the US with foot soldiers and completely take over the country.


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