Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down governor’s extension of stay-at-home order


The Wisconsin state Supreme Court ruled against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’s stay-at-home order extension.

In a 4-3 decision, the court said Evers’s order is "invalid, and therefore, unenforceable," because the governor does not have the authority to enforce it without input from the state legislature. Four out of five of the Supreme Court’s conservative judges were in the majority.

The decision leaves the stay-at-home order in place until May 20 to give Evers and Republicans time to work out a new plan.

Evers issued a stay-at-home order in March, closing schools and nonessential businesses. The restrictions were supposed to end April 24, but Evers's administration extended it to the end of May.

Republican state lawmakers, worried about the economic fallout of the pandemic, had sued the governor and the state’s Department of Health secretary over the administration’s order that nonessential businesses remain closed until at least May 26.

If Evers and Republicans can’t work out a replacement plan, individual counties could implement their own regulations in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.


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