Formation Of UFOs Seen In Piermont, New York


Date: 12 June, 2019.

Place: Piermont, New York State, United States.

About a month ago, a very unusual incident occurred in the small village of Piermont, New York.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a local resident who was looking at the sky affirmed to have spotted a formation of “three unblinking lights” hovering over the Hudson River Valley, which is the zone where the town is located.

“I was sitting on the front steps [of the house] at sunset, when I noticed a group of lights low in the sky over the Hudson River Valley, moving north”, the witness asserted. “Three unblinking lights were observed in a loose and fluid formation, with two in front staying close and the third lagging behind”, he described.  

The American explained that in this part of the state is very frequent to see airplanes landing and taking off, but these three object looked different. “The patch of sky in front of me is frequented by airplanes (near the Westchester County Airport) and helicopters”, he said. “What caught my attention was the way that the third light drifted away and rapidly rejoined the group”, he added.

The objects kept moving towards the north until they finally disappeared beyond the horizon. “The three lights continued to be visible as they moved further away to the north in a straight path. My view was obscured as they passed behind some plants, but I stood up after maybe fifteen seconds to take another look and they were still visible for a time until moving beyond the distant tree line”, the New York resident claimed.

Additionally, he stated that the UFOs apparent brightness was not produced by the sun reflected on them, but instead they somehow emitted light. “The sun was setting to my right and I had at first thought that the golden lights were reflections of a metallic surface. With continued observation, it was apparent that lights were emanating from the objects themselves”, the man commented.

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