Boston College pushing students to snitch on each other over coronavirus protocol violations


(Natural News) A private educational institution in Massachusetts is encouraging students to report one another if they violate public health protocols. Boston College students are exhorted to inform school authorities if any infractions of guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19 occur. Minor violations such as improper mask-wearing can also be reported.

The college has redesigned its student conduct reporting form to facilitate documentation and review of health protocol infractions. Under normal circumstances, it would be used to report serious violations that went against the college’s code of conduct. School authorities can be made aware of physical violence, hazing, theft, gambling and drug use through the form.

However, it can now be used to report students who do not comply with the college’s protocols to curb the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. It now has additional space for such violations, which include improper mask wearing and non-compliance with social distancing.

Face mask infractions in the form are subdivided into different tiers. Lower-tier violations include refusing to wear a mask after being told to do so and refusing to wear a disposable mask offered by someone else. Repetitive refusal to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing guidelines fall under higher-tier infractions.

According to Boston College‘s student code of conduct, students can “be subject to a range of disciplinary actions” – including suspension or expulsion from campus dormitories – if they refuse to comply. Students living off-campus might also lose their chance to apply for any in-campus accommodation. The college’s new policy on COVID-19 “supersedes any policies that were previously in effect … and other prior communications,” the code of conduct stated.

The private college based in Newton, Massachusetts is not the only higher education institution to take coronavirus health protocols seriously. Boston University also implemented a similar measure, even setting up a hotline for anyone to report infractions. The university claimed it received almost 200 calls during its first month of operation. It noted that Saturdays have been the busiest for the hotline.


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