Women in Translation Month: Celebrating 5 Arab women authors


In 2014, Meytal Radzinski, a U.S based book blogger, established a crucial initiative to celebrate texts written and translated by women.

Since then, August has been a time to honour women authors across the globe.

The passage of time can attest to women’s emphatic resilience toward having their voices heard in the literary canon.

At the same time, contemporary literature has witnessed a lambent saturation of phenomenal female writers. Still, according to Women in Translation, only 36 percent of the books translated into English are from non-European countries, and women write less than 31 percent of translations into English.

Thus, Women in Translation Month aims to encompass writers from a dynamic array of faiths and backgrounds with a broader mission to underscore our nuanced human experiences.

In particular, those works translated from Arabic into English are historically tinged with misconceptions and underrepresentation.

This year 34 books are to be translated from Arabic to English, and only 13 are from women authors.

According to Radzinski’s salient revelations, the impact of women writers in translation on how they are covered in the media, recognised by award committees, and promoted in bookstores, is profoundly devastating.

The New Arab has compiled a dynamic list of titles from Arab woman authors for you to read this month. From Morocco, Cairo, Lebanon, Sudan, and Oman, these narratives demand to be read and lauded.


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